Plumbing is one of the vital systems of the home, so if you are renovating or building new, taking the time to get the appropriate plumbing systems installed can save a lot of money and inconvenience in the future. Of course, plumbing can also encompass maintenance and repair, especially if you have a leaking pipe, tap or even a ruptured pipe. A good plumber can undertake all the plumbing projects around your house and restore your systems to perfect working order.

Types of Plumbing

There are several types of plumbing that fall under the blanket term, including drainage, gasfitting, mechanical services plumbing, roof plumbing, sanitary plumbing, and water plumbing. The four main areas, however, are water, drainage, gasfitting and sanitary and these are regulated by state authorities. Following is a brief explanation of the different types of plumbing:

· Drainage – involves installing, repairing and maintaining pipes and fittings associated with stormwater and waste removal. 
· Gasfitting – involves installing, disconnecting, maintaining and repairing pipes and fittings associated with gas systems. 
· Mechanical Services Plumbing – involves installing, maintaining and repair of pipes and fittings associated with the heating and cooling systems of buildings (i.e. airconditioners, central heating) 
· Roof plumbing – the installation, maintenance and repair of guttering, downpipes and other systems associated with the removal of rainwater. 
· Sanitary plumbing – the installation, maintenance and repair of pipes and fittings associated with the removal of sewage from the home. 
· Water plumbing – simply means the installation, maintenance and repair of pipes and fittings that convey hot and cold water to the home.
Role of a Plumber
Plumbers may carry out the following tasks: 
· installing water filters and anti-scalding devices  
· installing hot water systems and repairing broken systems  
· unblocking drains – sewerage or stormwater  
· replacing old plumbing  
· installing and repairing tapware  
· repairing burst water pipes  
· installing and repairing toilets  
· repairing leaks  
· detecting leaks in both water and gas systems  
· installing and repairing gutters and drainpipes  
· backflow testing
Plumbing professionals are necessary in any renovation or installation of the bathroom, kitchen, laundry or other wet areas. They can also install gas systems, whether it is for cooking or for your hot water system.
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