AZcoWORX Enterprises is a group of companies that offer wide range of Services and Products.

Azcoworx Maintenance
Plumbing & Building Maintenance

AzcoTrading: Import/Export of different Product Range

it provides training services in various fields : Project Management, Quality Management and Interpersonal Skills

Zaharah Beauty Essentials - Australian Skin Care : Selling Artisan Soap, Facial Care, Body Care, Hair Care, EO, CO
Zaharah Beauty Essentials is Committed to Quality:
Many skin products nowadays are filled with chemicals that don't actually help you.
We saw some skin care products listing it as "Pure Oil" but the base ingredients is Mineral Oil, be careful not to fall on their trap because Mineral Oil despite the healthy sounding name, this oil is not. It is derived from Petroleum, it can suffocate the skin, clog-pores and speed up ageing.
Never Compromise on Quality. No matter what skin care products you're looking for, We guarantee our skin care no harmful chemicals
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Azcoworx Enterprise : Product Manufacturer, We cater customized Products and  the complete industrial automation & Control Solution.
We design, build and Install and service for repair if needed.
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